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Edge Eyewear Arc Light Shooting Glasses Tan499 Frame G-15 Vapor Shield Lenses Standard AL1K17VS

Edge Eyewear Arc Light Shooting Glasses Tan499 Frame G-15 Vapor Shield Lenses Standard AL1K17VS

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Arc Light Ballistic Shooting Glasses, Edge Tactical The Arc Light shooting glasses were designed to protect those who serve. From first responders to Americas finest, these tactical glasses serve up military-grade impact protection, advanced lens technologies and adjustable nose pads for unbeatable comfort. And theyre easy on the eyes and the wallet. The top frame of the Arc Light was developed to keep the sun from attacking your vision from above and helps to keep glare at bay. Plus, they come standard with a permanent anti-fog technology to keep your vision clear in foggy environments. The Arc Light even comes available in Edge Tacticalr G-15 lens, which can improve visual clarity. MIL-PRF 32432-A Glasses certified to this Military Standard are often nicknamed Ballistic Rated because of the extreme velocity of impact tests performed against the lens in addition to the peripheral tests of ISEA/ ANSI-Z87.1+ POLARIZED FILTER LENS When light strikes a horizontal, reflective surface, such as water, snow or a vehicles hood, it bounces off horizontally. Polarized lenses arrange the light entering the glasses in a vertical manner, while absorbing excess glare-causing horizontal rays. Column The worlds first Military Grade Anti-Fog which is completely resistant to humidity, steam, fog and condensation in the most extreme conditions and temperatures. The result Clear, pristine vision. Lens technology IMPACT RATED: All of these lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate. This material is lightweight, blocks 99.9% of UV radiation and defends against projectiles or blunt forces with its natural strength. These lenses are always designed with the strict safety standards of ANSI, or the stringent MCEPS military requirements, in mind to bring you total peace of mind. VAPOR SHIELD ANTI-FOG: Edge Tactical developed a permanent anti-fog technology in 1993 and named it Vapor Shield. Unlike other temporary fog proof coatings on the market, its infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process. The result is a permanent solution for stopping the buildup of fog-causing water vapor on the surface of the lenses. G-15: What is a G-15 lens The G indicates a green tint. The 15 denotes the amount of visible light transmittance allowed through the lens. So, a G-15 lens is a green-tinted lens that blocks 85% of light. While G-15 was originally developed for pilots during World War II, the high contrast range of view they deliver, especially against the backdrop of a blue sky, performs from the shooting range to the sunny jobsite. Frame technology THIN TEMPLES: Thin temples integrate comfortably with helmets, hats or hearing protection. By reducing unnecessary bulk in the cross section of the temple, Edge Tactical created a more comfortable pair of eyewear. Eye protection shouldnt be a burden. And with thin temple technology, it isnt. MEGOL DETAILS: Thermoplastic rubber (TPR), or MEGOL, is a composite that becomes tacky when exposed to moisture. Edge Tactical strategically places MEGOL details in frames so they dont slip around when youre hard at work. Youll find these details on the nose pieces or temple tips of our frames.

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