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Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN Turntable with Bookshelf, Stands and Care System

Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN Turntable with Bookshelf, Stands and Care System

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Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable (Walnut) The Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable is bringing you high fidelity vinyl audio in a sleek and classy design. Whether youve never heard the true quality sound of a vinyl record or youre an audiophile looking for your new favorite system, the AT-LPW40WN Turntable was built for you. This stylish and easy to use turntable plays both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records on an anti-resonance MDF (medium density fiberboard) plinth with a walnut simulated wood veneer. The AT-LPW40WN turntable utilizes an Audio-Technica AT-HS4 universal -inch-mount headshell and AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus. Two Speeds The Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable is capable of playing records at two speeds. Play all of your favorite records at both 33-1/3 RPM and 45 RPM. It utilizes a professional anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter with a rubber mat. Superior Sound The AT-LPW40WN Turntable is powered by a DC servo-controlled motor that features a speed-sensor system to maintain accurate platter rotation speed. With the built-in phono pre-amplifier you can connect to your favorite audio devices to get the sweet sound of vinyl from anywhere. The AT-LPW40WN features a straight carbon-fiber tonearm with hydraulically damped lift control and lockable rest. The AC adapter moves the AC/DC conversion outside the chassis to further reduce noise. Dual Magnet Cartridge Audio-Technica has been a leader in phono cartridge design for more than 50 years. The Audio-Technica AT-LPW40WN has an AT-VM95E Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus. The cartridge is integrated into the headshell for assured performance and ease of setup. Microlab Pro1BT Professional Bookshelf Active Powered Monitor Speaker Pair The Microlab Pro1BT Professional Bookshelf Monitor is designed to bring out the best on vinyl or wireless streaming. Each speaker features a 4-inch subwoofer and 0.75-inch tweeter to provide professional outstanding acoustic performance in your living room or office. Knox Gear Aluminum Bookshelf Speaker Stands (Black, Pair) Modern and functional design. Raise your speakers and enhance your sound quality with the Knox Gear Speaker Stand. These stands are perfect for personal or professional use. Mount these aluminum stands on your desktop for home office use, or place them on your bookshelf to give a movie theater feel. Place your speaker at or above head level to fill any space with the brilliant sound of your favorite artists. The Knox Gear Speaker Stands have been designed to work with numerous speaker brands and models ranging from 3 to 5 inches. This set of speaker stands raises your speakers 9 inches above your surface, but they also help enhance the reach of your music. These professional-grade aluminum speaker risers augment sound, are super easy to mount, and feature a simple look that will fit into any office or home space. Knox Gear Vinyl Record Care System The Knox Gear Vinyl Record Care System is the perfect package to keep your vinyl collection in pristine condition. Inexpensive and effective, this kit contains all the tools you need to care for your records. It comes with three brushes and a bottle of cleaning fluid, all in an easy-carry microfiber pouch. Using the brushes in combination with this fluid will accomplish deep cleaning and extend the life and maintain the sound quality of your music library.&l

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